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 About Us
Back Row:  Laura Shue, Sherrie Walker Pat Schell and Rachael Workinger
Seated: Kathy Clemens

ABCO (Abstracting Company of York County), which is now an employee owned company, has been in business since March 1, 2008. ABCO has been working in the South Central Pennsylvania area under the ownership of attorneys and banks since 1972. The new owners were previous employees and are excited about the change and the challenges it brings!

The owner/employees shown above have over 135 years of experience in the title abstracting, settlement and title insurance fields.

Quoting the new owners: “We are very dedicated to customer service, whether it is doing the search, issuing title insurance or conducting a real estate closing. We know what it takes to get the job done in an accurate, thorough and efficient manner. We are looking forward to working with the attorneys, lenders, realtors and builders, as well as consumers in York and Adams counties”.

Give us a call and we’ll show you what we can do!


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